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Showcase your art, reach your audience, and grow your business selling with Monotapp, a platform for art lovers.

Growth = Sales

Artists benefit from the platform's extensive marketing efforts, gaining exposure enhancing the chances of increased sales providing a steady income stream.

Foster Collaboration

Monotapp encourages artists to engage with each other, fostering a supportive and collaborative community enabling opportunities for joint projects, feedback, and mentorship.

Freedom of Expression

Artists can concentrate solely on creating art without the distractions of marketing, promotions or handling business allowing artists to immerse themselves in their creative processes.

Your Art, Your Market:
Craft, Create, Cash In

Enable Your Creativity

Helps us craft the platform you need to express yourself creatively and not through business.

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you have questions.
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All About Monotapp

What is Monotapp?

Monotapp is an affordable art marketplace that caters to emerging artists looking to make a living pursuing their passion for art.

When is the platform expected to launch?

The platform is currently in its beginning stages. The launch date is coming soon but first we must do some housekeeping in order to provide you, the user, the best experience and capabilities.

How can I join?

You can join Monotapp by submitting your information in the form above. After submission you will receive an email from us welcoming you to Monotapp.

Will this be a free platform?

Currently Monotapp is free for everybody. Plans may become available as the platform grows to expand on the current features a user has.



Easy Artwork Upload

Effortlessly showcase and customize your artwork with a streamlined interface and personalized storefronts.

Comprehensive Marketing

Monotapp handles platform marketing, freeing artists from the task.

Community Building Tools

In-app tools foster artist interaction, building a community vibe.

Unleashing Art, Empowering Artists – Where Creativity Finds Its Canvas!